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Open Vistas Networking offers Open Source UNIX software solutions for a wide variety of computing needs. Security--protecting your data--is one of Open Vistas primary concerns. We provide superior products, excellent performance, and affordable prices.

Corporate   Our Corporate networking division offers a full line of office related networking needs. If your business has more than 3 workstations, please check the services we offer that can improve your employees ability to communicate, to reduce costs, and to improve your profits.

Firewalls   If you have a broadband connection to the internet, either DSL or cable, our hardware based stateful packet-filtering and routing firewalls are just what you need. By sitting between your workstation and your modem, one of our firewalls can absolutely protect your bandwidth, your workstation, and all of the information on your hard drive from the internet. If you've got a houseful of computers, learn how you can give them all access to the internet with the addition of an inexpensive network switch.

Domain Hosting   Our domain hosting division can assist you in getting your own domain and then making it easily accessible to anyone on the internet. Monthly rates start at $20 per month for e-mail and static web pages.

No Spam E-Mail!   E-mail loses its shine when the amount of spam we find in our inbox far outnumbers the legitimate messages we want to receive! Open Vistas Networking is pleased to offer e-mail protected by OpenBSD’s spamd spam daemon, dspam, and a few other tricks by request to our domain hosting customers. Individuals may also get a protected @openvistas.net e-mail account for a very low monthly rate.

SQL Demo   A Structure Query Language database is at the very heart of an automated e-commerce web site. This simple demonstration searches a PostgreSQL database of over 8,800 movies to match a title, or a part of a title, of your choice.

In The News   Open Vistas Networking is a relatively new company, but we are doing exciting things! Here are some of the most newsworthy items.

Web Design  Open Vistas has been doing a lot of web design lately. Here are a list of the sites that we've designed and implemented.


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