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Your business is unique in this world. No other business has the same resource base, the same talent pool, or even the same products.

Your networking needs are unique, too. You might be poised to start marketing your products on the web. The law firm down the street is opening a branch office across the state and would like to share critical data between offices in real time, without compromising the security of the data in any way. And the auto body shop on the corner is looking for a better way for the guys working on the shop floor to get work order information to the receptionist handling the telephone and to the bookkeeper doing billing, without having to spend more time on paperwork than they do wielding a grinder or a paint gun.

Marketing your business on the web requires a good connection to the internet and a full suite of e-commerce software tools ranging from e-mail servers to secure web servers and SQL databases to hold customer and order information. Sharing data across the state by way of the internet means installing a Virtual Private Network that will encrypt every bit of the data transferred between locations. And the body shop needs file sharing across an internal network to help the free flow of information from one area of the business to another.

Open Vistas Networking, Inc. can help each of these businesses achieve their goals, and we can help your business, too.

We offer UNIX-based solutions, and we specialize in:

  • Security. It's our number one concern. If your internet or network transactions are not secure from the internet, they should not be used. Period. We'll show you how to make your networks secure.

  • Reliability. A network that crashes is not a network at all. Our UNIX-based systems draw on over 30 years of development to make them the most secure, reliable networks on the market today. We can easily configure any level of network availablilty your needs require.

  • Internet connectivity. We can provide a variety of connection options ranging in speed (and price) from the inexpensive modem dial ups to the "Wow this is fast!" T-connections.

  • E-commerce solutions. We know how to do e-mail and secure web servers with SQL database backends and do them right, using state of the art UNIX-based tools.

  • General networking. Whether you've got an office full of Macs, an office full of Windows machines, or a mix of both, we can show you how to share files and printers between computers, regardless of the operating system.

If you already have an existing Microsoft or Novell based network, check with us to see how you can finally escape the yearly "Upgrade Your Hardware" nightmare. OpenBSD will run more efficently on your existing hardware than any other operating system you can install. Don't upgrade your hardware, upgrade your operating system!

Please contact us for details on how on how Open Vistas Networking, Inc. can help you achieve your business networking goals.

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Jeff Ross

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