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Radio Ad--July 10, 2002

We ran the following radio ad on one of the local stations. While it didn't generate the hoped for results, I had a lot of fun cutting it. The file is a standard MP3, and it is just under 1 megabyte in size.

Press Release--May 28, 2002

Jeff Ross announced today the official opening of Open Vistas Networking, Inc. Wyoming based, Open Vistas Networking offers a full range of UNIX-based services, focusing on network security and privacy protection for business and home consumers.

In addition to traditional networking services such as file and printer sharing, Open Vistas provides a wide variety of internet services. These include domain, email, and web servers, plus internet connections ranging from modem dialups to T1 lines and faster.

"UNIX-based OpenBSD provides these services securely, without the need for expensive software licenses," Ross said.

With the explosion of broadband internet connections, internet security and privacy protection are major concerns. To protect networks of all types, Open Vistas Networking offers a hardware based firewall capable of securing the corporate multi-user LAN as well as the broadband home user.

"Securing an internet connection should be thought of in terms of security layers," Ross said. "Installing an Open Vistas firewall adds five separate layers of security. Crackers must breach each layer of protection before gaining access to a system protected by the firewall. Based on extensive research and rigorous testing, we believe an Open Vistas firewall is virtually impenetrable."

To learn more contact Open Vistas Networking, Inc. On the web, go to http://www.openvistas.net, by e-mail, jeffross@openvistas.net, and phone, 307-421-7949.

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