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Jim wants his own domain name just because he can. Betsy runs a successful small business from her home office, and wants a secure web site to reach a potentially world wide customer base and give her business the extra prestige which comes with a professional quality web site. The non-profit that Paula manages needs the outreach that the web can deliver, but funds are limited and better spent helping her non-profit achieve its goals.

Making a domain name available to the world requires a 24/7 connection to the internet, and the knowledge and equipment to run the necessary name, e-mail and web servers. For some people and small businesses this investment just doesn't make good economic sense.

Open Vistas Networking, Inc. is pleased to offer our Domain Hosting services. For a low monthly fee starting at just $20 per domain name, Open Vistas can

  • help you choose and register your domain name and be your domain's technical adminstrator.
  • set up and use your domain name to send and receive e-mail.
  • help set up and maintain your own web site. HTML coding and CGI scripting services are available, so you can concentrate on the content to be delivered and not the means of delivering it. We can even show you how to make your site noticed by the major search engines!
  • Provide timely reports to you on your schedule (daily, weekly, or monthly) so that you can see the amount of traffic to your web site and when the peak traffic levels occur. This can help you quantify real advertising results.

Most importantly, your data is secure at Open Vistas. Our servers are located in a power redundant facility, and data is backed up and stored off-site in a secure location. Because we run UNIX based OpenBSD on our own servers, uptime is virtually guaranteed.

Contact us today for more information. The world is at your door, waiting.

Open Vistas Networking
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Jeff Ross

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