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Web sites Open Vistas Networking has designed, implemented, and hosts, listed in chronological order.

Colorado Water Quality Association

For sheer size, one of the biggest jobs we’ve undertaken yet is the CWQA’s web site which includes over 100 pages, and loads of photos! Of special note is the Members page. Viewers of the page can click a link to see and up-to-the-minute listing of the current members of the CWQA in either the Retail/Dealer or Wholesale Supplier/Manufacturer categories. Membership information is stored in a PostgreSQL database on an Open Vistas secure server. The results of the database query are delivered as html in real-time, making keeping the web page synchronized with the current membership of the CWQA a snap.

RainSoft of Denver

Unitarian Universalist Church of Cheyenne

The UUCC web site changes monthly, so check back often to see any changes. It also has a handy search button at the top of every page to aid in hunting down that memorable quote in a sermon, or to track down the title of a book mentioned.

Executive Suites of Downtown Cheyenne

Open Vistas won the network installation contract for the Executive Suites, so who better to have do the web page? This site represents a different direction in design. There are no tables in the html code at all. All of the layout and design are controlled by Cascading Styling Sheets.

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